Covid-19: 70,000 dead mark crossed in France

With 196 more deaths to be deplored in the last 24 hours, France becomes the seventh country in the world to surpass the 70,000 death mark.

It is a new symbolic and terrible remedy that has just been achieved. With an additional 196 deaths counted in 24 hours in hospital, according to official government figures, the Covid-19 epidemic has killed 70,142 people since it arrived in France nearly a year ago. It is, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, the seventh country in the world to exceed this milestone, and the third in Europe after England and Italy.

In detail, 48,783 patients died of coronavirus in hospitals in France, and 21,359 in the country’s Ehpad and EMS.

According to the latest report by Public Health France, 24,985 patients are currently hospitalized, with 1,199 new admissions in the last 24 hours. Including outflows, 58 fewer hospitalizations compared to the previous day’s figures.

This slight decrease is also evident in resuscitation services, where 2,731 people are currently taking, with 188 new entries. That’s nine fewer beds, compared to Friday night’s report.

6 in 10 French people say they are in favor of the vaccine passport

An Ifop poll for Le Parisien shows that the idea of the vaccine passport is making its way into public opinion. The French are rather “for”, at least as far as visits to hospitals and Ehpads are concerned.

France at two speeds, legal difficulties, puzzles in setting up while the majority of French are not yet eligible for the vaccine, etc. The obstacles to establishing a “vaccine passport” – that is, the reservation of access to certain places and the exercise of certain activities to individuals who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 – are as numerous as they are massive. However, the idea is making its way into the minds of the French as shown by the Ifop poll published in its Sunday edition by Le Parisien.

For example, 62% of French people say they are in favour of compulsory vaccination before boarding a flight abroad. Above all, 60% want visits to vulnerable people in hospitals and Ehpads to be the preserve of vaccinated people. A majority – however, 52% lighter – still offer this track for access to public transport.

54% of French people want to get vaccinated

On the other hand, only one in two French people validate it in terms of access to colleges and high schools (for high school students and staff), cinemas, concerts or theatre. 50% of the French support, again, the need for the vaccine for people working in shops, offices, factories and wishing to go there. An almost similar statistic suggests restricting shop attendance to customers who can justify a vaccine: 45%.

Ifop also wanted to question the state of French adherence to the vaccine. It is still progressing: 54% want to get vaccinated, an increase of 15 points since a previous measure on 29 December.

Survey conducted by self-administered online questionnaire from 11 to 12 January 2021 among a sample of 1028 people, representative of the population aged 18 and over residing in metropolitan France.

Beware, The Characteristics of Corona Day One to Day 27

COVID-19 infection can cause different symptoms in each person. However, what are the characteristics of corona day one?

Moreover, the symptoms of COVID-19 have many similarities with a number of other diseases. For example, high fever which is one of the symptoms of Corona virus infection can also occur when we are affected by typhoid fever.

This sometimes makes some people confused whether they are affected by COVID-19 or not when they experience symptoms.

To determine it, medical staff at a hospital in China finally compiled a book on COVID-19 infection. It also explains what can affect the condition of Corona patients, in the hope that it can clarify how the virus develops.


Based on observations made on thousands of Corona patients in China, there is a pattern of COVID-19 symptoms experienced by patients from the first day to the twenty-seventh day. Here are the symptoms of COVID-19 from day to day, quoted from Express UK.

Day 1

On the first day, Corona patients will generally experience mild symptoms such as fever and cough. However, a small number of patients also experience diarrhea or nausea on the first and second days.

Day 3

The third day became the average time corona patients in Wenzhou, China, were hospitalized after symptoms appeared. According to research conducted at 550 hospitals in China, Corona patients who were hospitalized had pneumonia on the third day.

Day 5

On the fifth day, Corona patients with severe symptoms can experience worse symptoms. Patients may have difficulty breathing, especially in the elderly (elderly) or have accompanying diseases.

Day 7

The seventh day became the average time corona patients in Wuhan, China, experienced early symptoms. Symptoms that appear generally are shortness of breath.

Day 9

A number of Corona patients in Wuhan experienced sepsis or a compilation of disease infections on the ninth day.

In addition to fever and cough are the characteristics of Corona on the first day and on the ninth day are at risk of sepsis, following the symptoms of COVID-19 from day 10 to 27. Read on the next page.

Day 10 to 11

On the tenth and eleventh days, the patient’s symptoms can get worse and will most likely be treated in the ICU room.

Patients who arrive in the ICU may experience severe abdominal pain and loss of appetite, compared to patients with mild symptoms.

Day 12

A number of Corona patients may recover from their fever on the 12th day.

Day 16

According to a study, cough symptoms in some Corona patients may be reduced or even cured on the 16th day.

Day 17 to 21

This is the average time corona patients in Wuhan recover from COVID-19 and are discharged from the hospital. However, there were also patients who were not helped and died after being hospitalized for 2.5 to 3 weeks.

Day 19

A study also showed that the symptoms of shortness of breath experienced by Corona patients are likely to recover on the 19th day.

Day 27

The average Corona patient in Wuhan who is hospitalized for up to 27 days is not all able to go home, some patients can be treated longer. Although allowed to go home from the hospital, but that does not mean the symptoms experienced have disappeared completely.

Some Corona patients reported symptoms of COVID-19 for months. Symptoms include chest pain, shortness of breath, nausea, heart palpitations, and loss of sense of smell and taste.

If you experience corona characteristics on the first day above, you should immediately do a COVID-19 test to see if you are infected or not.