Volleyball (League A): TLM has finally played its first games!

Stopped by the Covid-19, the Tourquennois have played only two games out of the nine planned in their preparation, while they will receive the promoted, Cambrai, in the opening of the championship on Friday. A derby with a gauge limited to 1000 people and online ticketing only.

The TLM had planned to play nine games during its pre-season campaign before hosting Cambrai on Friday in the opening round of the A-League. He played the first two this weekend only (a 3-1 win against Chaumont on Saturday, a 1-3 loss to Nancy yesterday), and they will be the only ones, since he failed to stall one tomorrow night.

“We’re not going to hide, we’re not collectively ready. Our sharp (Sasa Starovic) didn’t arrive until Wednesday, he’s not ready to play games at a brisk pace,” explains Yann Lavallez.

But the general manager of Tourquen also saw “very nice things, very reassuring against Chaumont. Victory first. And in the service, we’ll be a great team. I saw a big Loser in the center (21 pts!) Cardenas was very good at attacking and held his reception. Sanchez was well-inspired at the pass. There were some nice rotations, some nice entries from Eliot (Coulet) to the pass. Now we have to gain regularity and stabilize the reception which may be a slight weakness. But in the commitment, it was very good. ”

“With everything that’s happened to us, the pressure, we’ve taken it away!”

On Sunday, however, Maurico Paes turned around a lot. The coach did not want to take any risk to push his team too much, which had only resumed last Monday after ten days of stoppage, everyone having been touched by the Covid. With 18 positive cases in total, not even individual training: the Léo-Lagrange room was closed for seven days because it is considered a cluster by the ARS.

“The guys were isolated and locked up for seven days. They’re young players, they recover quickly but you’ve got ten days where you’ve been doing a cross on everything you’ve done for six weeks. The advantage is that we should all be immune for a few weeks…”

This delay, the TLM will have to deal with. “We’re going to go to coal, Friday we have no choice. We know that the start of the championship can be difficult. But we are going to be a difficult team to play with a big margin of progression, promises Yann Lavallez. And with all that just happened to us the pressure, we took it away!”
1000 and an online ticket office for the derby

The Lille metropolis in a heightened alert zone, the gauge will be limited to 1000 people on Friday in Léo-Lagrange. About 80 Cambrian supporters are expected.